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Chocolate Bark

Servings: 4

Any chocolate lover will approve of this recipe. It makes a great gift as well.

3 Squares Unsweetened Baking Chocolate 1 Tablespoon Butter (optional)

1 Teaspoon Cinnamon (optional) Stevia and/or Xylitol to taste

1 Handful of Raw Almonds, Raw Pecans, Raw Hazelnuts, or a Combination of Any Raw Nut You Have on Hand.

Melt chocolate and (optional) butter over a double boiler. Add stevia/Xylitol to taste. On a piece of parchment paper in a 1⁄2 sheet pan or on a rimmed cookie sheet, distribute the nuts over the surface. Pour the melted chocolate mixture over the nuts. Cool in refrigerator or freezer. When the bark has hardened, remove from the parchment paper, break into pieces, and store in a plastic bag in the refrigerator or freezer.

Courtesy of Maximized Living Nutrition Plans book by Dr. B.J. Hardick, Kimberly Roberto and Dr. Ben Lerner

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