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  • Janice B. - At Welcome to Wellness they really care about your well being. Great team!

  • Ryan G. - Welcome to Wellness is an essential service that helped me alleviate heart palpitations and atrial fibrillation with chiropractic care. The benefits for heart health are life changing.

  • Tisha C. - The entire team is very helpful. My health and well-being are always addressed efficiently. Dr. Phil, Dr. Kim, and Dr. Amar always prioritize my needs. Additionally, Manish and Ruth have done a profound job regarding my treatment. I can’t thank the staff enough for their support and professionalism.

  • Penny S. - Welcome to Wellness is a bright and busy clinic set in an easily accessible location.The staff are courteous and warm, efficient and informative. I was impressed with the details taken regarding my health history as well as the explanations for the various scans.In my initial assessment I gained new knowledge of my condition, helping me to understand the pain associated with the areas of concern.I am looking forward to treatment at the clinic, which beginsnext week.

  • Donna M. - Physio has enabled me to get out of a chair without pain! Only took one visit and now I am on the road road to no pain!!

  • Steve J. - Dr. Phil is very thorough and skillful in his adjustments. He is always willing to discuss health issues and questions. He is also concerned with correcting your spinal alignment, not just relieving pain.

  • Keith M. -  Handling COVID issues well enought that I feel safe.  Staff continue to be their friendly and respectful selves.  Jason's treatments are a living extender, add quality of mobility to my aging body.

  • John G. - Dr. Taylor provides the type of chiropractic adjustments that don't cause me pain.  I have been going to the clinic for over a year now

  • Bea F. - Love Dr. Phil.  He has been my go to for 26 years.  I always feel like a new person after my adjustment.  His staff are amazing ladies.

  • Dorothea W - It was such a pleasure to visit this Clinic.  The staff were very pleasant and welcoming.  I felt so relaxed and comfortable.  I was treated with such professionalism and my questions were answered with such clarity and simplicity that I understood everything that was explained to me.  Thanks Dr. Phil and the rest of the staff.  Blessings.

  • Jenn B. - My family and I have been going to see Dr. Phil and Dr. Amar for years and we're so very happy with everyone.  Everyone is extremely professional and yet still so caring and wonderful!  They respect your time!  The minute you walk in you feel welcome and you always walk out feeling better.  My daughter and I were in a pretty serious car accident a few years ago and they took such good care of us.  I love the personal care.  If you're looking to get a massage, I highly recommend Ruth!  She's awesome!  Everyone is fabulous and I can't recommend Welcome to Wellness enough.  Thank you to the team for taking such good care of my family.

  • David H. - Dr. Jason Taylor makes every effort to get to the root cause of issues that you are experiencing.  I appreciate his careful attention to detail, his patience, and his passion to help others.  I am in great hands when he is treating me.

  • Caitlin K. - I always leave feeling happy.

  • Mike B. - Just had my first visit and let me tell you that they are very thorough with assessing you from medical history collection to explaining everything they are doing during the initial assessment and why.  What really made me feel comfortable was they took x-rays of my spine to evaluate the structure and normal curvature.  Dr's and staff are super friendly.  Looking forward to my treatments. 


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