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Patient Success Stories - Video Testimonials


Psoriatic Arthritis

Jeff has been adjusted at Welcome to Wellness for 10 years.  Click on his photo above to hear how living the '5 Fundamentals' have helped clear his psoriatic arthritis.


OMAD - One Meal A Day

Corrado has been adjusted for over 50 years.  Click on his photo above to hear how how OMAD (eating one meal a day)  and living the 5 Fundamentals works for him.


Spinal Stenosis, Numbness and Tingling and Weightloss

Carma-Rae shares her positive experiences with chiropractic in helping with the numbness and tingling caused by spinal stenosis. Click on her photo to hear her story.

Advanced Plan Weightloss and Chiropractic


Heart Health - Mitral Prolapse and Atrial Fibrillation 

Ryan shares his inspirational story about how Welcome to Wellness changed his life by living the 5 Fundamentals.  Click on his photo above and  hear how he now is on less medication, no more surgery and how a change in diet has all helped in his positive outlook on life.  Ryan has created BioFresh Farms and he is growing local, sustainable grown vegetables for the community.


Chiropractic for Kids and Families

Allison shares her story (click photo above) with why her and her entire family are adjusted regularly.  She knows the benefits of chiropractic are in helping boost their immune systems and keep them healthy.


Digestive Problems, Low Iron

Melanie shares her story (click on her image above) with digestive issues, and low iron.  Her story of how chiropractic helped change her outlook on life from more energy, weight gain, confidence in leaving the house.

delia and james.jpg

Chiropractic, Advanced Nutrition Plan and Weightloss

Delia and James share their story (click image above) about how a consultation at Welcome to Wellness changed their diet, lifestyle and overall outlook on life for them and their family.  

Web capture_15-12-2023_101848_.jpeg

Manual Adjustments with Dr. Diana

Diane shares her experience seeing Dr. Diana and receiving both drop and manual neck adjustments.


Numbness and Tingling

John shares his story (click on the photo above) about how corrective adjustments helped with his numbness and tingling.

Screenshot 2024-03-14 174055.png

Hanna's Story

Hanna shares her story (click image above) about how a consultation at Welcome to Wellness changed their lifestyle and is assisting in her dream to get mountain hiking again.  

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