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Above the Clouds

Our Team's Core Values and Why Working at WtW is Not Just a 'Job'

Our Core Values ... what we live by as human beings, team members and what you can expect every time you enter Welcome to Wellness.  

Core Values of Welcome to Wellness Team Members -  as a leader within our community it is imperative to provide accountability for what we do.  Core values of our team members is just as important as core values for our office.  Learn below about what makes our team members special in their own words.

Diane, Office Manager: Personal Core Values - Integrity, compassion, honesty, respect and positivity

"Seeing life miracles on a regular basis makes what I do more than just a job.  Our Wellness Members aren't just 'patients' ... they are like family.  We are all like-minded people who know the value of health and wellness.  I plan on being adjusted for life because I know that by taking a pro-active approach to my health I am giving my immune system the boost it needs to help fight off colds and flu and any other disease that may come my way.  I know the importance of a chiropractic adjustment.  It isn't about how I feel ... it is about how I heal.  By continuing to allow my body to function at its optimal potential I will continue to run circles around my grandkids for years to come :)."

Marg, Tech CA: Personal Core Values - Honesty, trust, integrity, empathy, accountability

"It is important to have great health and allow your body to heal naturally.  Your body has innate intelligence; above, down, inside, out.  When there is no nerve interference and your brain can talk to your body, you are on your way to optimal health.  Along with maximized mind, maximized nutrition, maximized nervous system, maximized lean muscle and exercise and minimizing toxins!"

Hayley, 5 Fundamentals and Front Desk CA:  Personal Core Values - Integrity, respect, kindness, trustworthiness, optimism

"Working at Welcome to Wellness is more than just a job to me. It allows me to educate and assist our Wellness Members at living their happiest and healthiest life. I personally tend to get a lot of headaches. By getting adjusted regularly, it has really helped reduce the frequency of them. Knowing the importance of chiropractic care, and the effect it has, I plan on living a long and healthy life!"

Dr. Kimberly:  Personal Core Vales - Patient-centred; Evidence-based, quality care, excellence; Integrity, honest, principleed, transparent; Respect, compassion; Growth - continued learning 


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