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Our Story

At Welcome to Wellness we are empowering people to live their best lives.    

We achieve this by removing interference to the nervous system so the body heals and functions the way it is meant to. 

Welcome to Wellness leads our community members to live their best lives now and into old age through integration of the Five Fundamentals of true health and healing.  

Unfortunately, when it comes to chronic disease (such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure), Canada has more sickness and disease than ever before.  We are heading in the wrong direction.  The great news is that 90-95% of chronic disease is reversible and/or preventable!  It is time to take your health into your own hands.  Welcome to Wellness has the answers for how you can become pro-active in creating a life of wellness for you and your family.  Reversing disease and eliminating the need for medication is common at Welcome to Wellness.   From Sick care to Wellness care!  From Nursing Home to Cruise Ship -- we expect to see you Onboard!  Your best health starts here!! 

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