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Footmaxx Footwear

Welcome to Wellness supplies Footmaxx customized orthotics and shoes.  Our biomechanical gait analysis and 3D Maxx scanner helps to create the perfect pair of orthotics -- guaranteed!!  We always recommend you check with the specifications your extended health provider requires prior to scheduling your appointment with us.  Click on the Footmaxx logo to see the wonderful assortment of schoes, boots and sandals Footmaxx has for you!


The Orthotic Group

Welcome to Wellness supplies The Orthotic Group customized orthotics and shoes.  We use a foam impression to create your customized orthotic and/or shoe.  We always recommend you check with the specifications your extended health provider requires prior to scheduling your appointment with us.  Click on The Orthotic Group logo to see the wonderful assortment of shoes, boots and sandals The Or


Rescue Plus - First Aid, CPR and AED Training

Rescue Plus trainers will travel to your location to facilitate your program choice. Training is also available in our Whitby Shores facility as well as monthly certification programs in the Durham region at Durham College, Oshawa Campus through the Centre for Professional and Part-Time Learning.


Skin Essence Organics

We believe formulating a premium organic skin care line starts with sourcing the highest quality ingredients from around the world.

By filling our bottles entirely with nature’s extracts, our products are designed to nourish, heal, and hydrate the skin providing exceptional results while also completely avoiding the use of fillers, preservatives, and synthetic chemicals.

Each product is carefully made in small batches and contained in amber glass to ensure optimum purity and freshness.


Dynamic Greens Wheatgrass

When you feel terrific, every moment of your day becomes enjoyable.

Your body is ready, willing and able to excel but it needs fuel.  Sometimes, we forget that we only run on water, air and food.  That's it!  Food drives every single system and when the body is properly supported, it can do wonders.  There is no better support than wheatgrass juice and no one grows juices and protects it like us.  

  • Beyond Organic - herbicide and pesticide free, non-GMO

  • Flash frozen unpasteurized

  • Gluten free, sugar free

  • 100% raw living wheatgrass juice

  • Minimum 1 year freezer life


Off The Cleaver

Off The Cleaver is a family owned fresh food market located in Whitby, Ontario.  We specialize in naturally raised chicken, dry aged Prime steak, artisinal cheese and fresh made prepared foods ready to take home and enjoy. g? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...


Buckingham Meat Market

Since 1956, Buckingham Meat Market has been proud to serve families in Oshawa the finest quality, A-1 cuts of naturally raised beef, poultry, pork and veal as well as an assortment of seafood, exotic game, deli meats and gourmet cheeses. For honest-to-goodness great food and personalized service the way only a family owned and operated business can offer it come visit us today—we're located at 28 Buckingham Ave off Simcoe St North and 200 Carnwith Drive East in Brooklin.

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