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Apple Cider Vinegar Elixir – Hot Drink Recipe

courtesy of Dr. B.J. Hardick,

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is a nutrient powerhouse. ACV has countless health benefits, like heartburn relief, skin benefits, and digestive aid. Apple cider vinegar contributes to a better metabolism, clearer skin, and detoxification. It’s a nice hot drink to have if you’re dealing with a cold or to simply maintain your health. Sip this apple cider drink steaming in the morning or before bed. It might taste a bit strong, so sweeten your apple cider with stevia or raw honey as you like.

This recipe is courtesy of Dr. BJ Hardick. You can find his recipe along with many others here and in his book, Align Your Health.

Core Plan approved

Advanced Plan approved


5 minutes


1–2 tablespoons organic apple cider vinegar1 tablespoon lemon juice1 teaspoon cinnamon2 cups boiling waterOptional to taste: Liquid stevia or 1 tablespoon raw organic honey or unrefined maple syrup (Core Plan only)


Stir ingredients together and sip this drink steaming in the morning or before bed.

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