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Where to Find Organic Meat and Produce Locally

Updated: May 8, 2018

Dr. Phil has personally visited the following farms, talked with the owners about their farming practices and purchases his meat from:

Erik Bowman from Gallery on the Farm- who we have had previously as a guest speaker at one of our Recipe nights. Scott Lee -grass fed but not certified organic

Off the Cleaver Butcher in Whitby (817 Dundas Street West) provide some organic meat selections -- special note** show your Welcome to Wellness card or key fob and get a 5% discount at Off the Cleaver.  They also carry Mennonite chicken (which Dr. Phil personally believes it is even better than organic -- just not certified -- if you have ever visited a Mennonite farm, you will know why).  

Our friends at TNS (Northeast corner of Thickson and Dundas) have a variety of organic produce, canned goods, dairy and frozen meat.

Over the past few years many of the local grocery stores have begun stocking more and more organic meat.  Superstore is one store that comes to mind. They have organic beef and chicken weiners. They also have frozen chicken breasts and wings as well as organic chicken nuggets.  Costco has fresh organic ground beef, chicken breasts, thighs and wings, and whole chickens.  They also have frozen, wild Pacific Sockeye Salmon and fresh organic salmon as well as wild haddock.

Healthy Meats (Formerly Acres of Blessings Mennonite Meats) at 121 Brock Street North have a great selection of frozen organic meat.  Buckingham Butchers in Brooklin and Oshawa have hormone and antibiotic-free meats (not grass fed).  Farm Boy also has a selection of fresh and frozen organic meat.

For produce, luckily most grocery stores now have an organic produce section.  Farm Boy has a nice selection of organic produce.   Costco also sell organic red peppers and cherry tomatoes (their organic selection varies from month to month).  Costco also has a great price on organic milk and eggs.

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