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What is Happening to our Children’s Health in Canada?

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

A parent would do anything to save his or her child’s life. You would jump in front of a car and risk your life to save your child’s life. The truth is that sudden accidents are not the leading cause of child death. Cancer is now the leading cause of death in children in Canada and North America! We know that the state of our children’s health in Canada is rapidly declining. This will be the first generation ever in history to not live as long as their parents. By the time your child has reached the age of 20 in Canada, they will have a 60- 80% chance of having a permanent disease. (1) Worse yet, our “disease care system” will provide drug therapy for which your child in Canada will never be expected to come off of.

Generation Rx?

Our children are taking so much medication they have been labeled “Generation Rx.” Psychiatric medication use in children is multiplying at a staggering rate. 75% of children diagnosed with ADHD in the US are on medication. The most rapid increase in medication use is for two to five year olds. (2) There is no research for this age group – they have never been tested. (3,4) These drugs are in the same class of drug as crack cocaine (central nerve system narcotic)!

Are we creating a drug culture for our kid’s in Canada? Apparently so! 1 in 8 Ontario young adults is dying from opioid use. (5)

The alarming reality in North America is that 1 in 3 kids has allergies, asthma, ADHD or autism. It breaks down like this: · 1 in 13 kids has food allergies. · 1 in 10 has asthma. · The Centre for Disease Control in the US recently announced that 1 in 45 is on the autism spectrum.

Why is this happening and what can we do?

The FOOD Industry link to Allergies

An allergic reaction sends somebody to the emergency room once every three minutes in the US. 265% increase in hospitalizations related to food allergic reactions between 1997 and 2007. In my opinion, there is no co-incidence that the increase in use of genetically modified foods has the same pattern of increase. In fact, if you overlay the graphs of food allergic reactions on top of the introduction of genetically engineered ingredients it is a direct correlation.

It is a maternal and paternal instinct to want your children to be their best. And as a parent myself, I am always looking for ways to do that. How do I give my kids what’s best for them? All experts are in agreement that the right lifestyle choices are what is the best!!

In the specific case of food allergies, a diet diary may be the answer. Most children with ADD/ADHD will respond with psychological counseling, changing their diet, and addressing their exercise habits. Eating too much sugar, food dyes and preservatives are common nutritional problems. Spinal health can affect every cell tissue and organ.

In other children, as was the case for me, spinal misalignment is the cause. My asthma and run down immune system problems like bronchitis, pneumonia, ear infections and frequent colds was a problem stemming from nervous system interference in my spine. How would my parents have known to take me for a checkup? I had no pain. After years of puffers and a plague of never ending infections it took only two and a half months of spinal correction to never need puffers again. Further great news, I have never needed an antibiotic since that time- over 32 years ago! My health has radically improved. This is why I became a doctor of chiropractic.

Individual Health Plans

Our individual health plan is designed to find the unique causes of disease or lack of full health. An initial online health assessment form and health history will provide us with your child’s “Health score”. From there further testing (most often no need for blood test) can be done to find out what the cause of the problem is.

In addition, my training in Lifestyle Medicine helps me to provide natural solutions to people of all ages that address the causes of disease. At Welcome to Wellness we divide our health care into 5 categories – The Five Fundamentals. These are the right lifestyle choices. We know the truth is that nearly 100% of chronic diseases are preventable with our Five Fundamentals of Health. Enough is enough. We have to stop the destruction of our children’s health. Their future truly rests in our hands.

This is the reason why I am launching with my team here at Welcome to Wellness, The 1st Annual Durham Food, Health & Wellness Forum. The changes that we will be speaking about also affect the health of our planet and how our children’s children will live. You will hear in more detail what foods are not safe for you and your children. We wanted this inaugural event to be a big deal and we found the leading Canadian doctor for the job: Shiv Chopra. He was a former Health Canada Senior Scientific Advisor, is a world renowned public speaker and the bestselling author of “Corrupt to the Core: Memoirs of a Health Canada Whistleblower.” No one knows the state of food safety in Canada any better than Dr. Chopra. I really hope to see you there on June 8th! This is a don’t miss event. It’s his first time in Durham Region and you really have to come and hear what he has to say. I’m sure you’ll find answers to some of your questions.

As always, we are here to make Durham Region the healthiest place in Canada!





  3. Prescription medicine use by one million Canadian children



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