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Together Alone For Easter

Happy Easter to all our WtW Members,

We hope you are all staying well.  Our team is doing well... we had a virtual meeting yesterday and hope you are doing the same with all of those you care about but can't see at this time.   Dr. Amar did a short video with her son yesterday on the WtW FB page.  Please join Dr. Phil on the Welcome to Wellness FB  page for his regular video Wellness tips.   The latest from today was Get "Together Alone" for Easter this weekend.   Talk to those family members and friend's especially who are alone or are prone to being "down or depressed"  this Easter weekend.  Sometimes all it takes is the company by phone or video chat of another human being that cares and will listen.   Read David Suzuki's thoughts/questions on how this pandemic may transform the way we live here.

Running out of meal ideas for your familiy during your self-isolation?  Check out the many recipes  we have on our website here.

This pumpkin pie receipe is a favourite with the Welcome to Wellness team. 

What would Easter be without chocolate? This mousse is light, decadent and just a little bit healthy!!

Our lives are bigger than COVID-19.

We will all get through this together!

Easter blessings,

The Welcome to Wellness Team

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