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The Main Health Benefits of Juicing: a Healthier You!

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

We have all heard the hype about the different types of fancy blenders currently out in the market. One of the primary reasons for the popularity of these blenders is due to the fact that they empower people to transform their health. And that is one of the main health benefits of juicing.

Many people have asked whether consuming juice is the same as consuming smoothies. The answer is NO!! Blending breaks down the entire fruit/vegetable to make up the smoothie. Therefore there is no separation of the pulp (contains fiber) from the liquid. Juicers extract the liquids (nutrients and water) while separating the pulp.

When I make the statement above, people tend to assume that drinking a smoothie is better than juice as smoothies contain fiber. But hold on! The body needs fiber; however, fiber will retain specific nutrients and/or slow down absorption. Since juice does not contain fiber, you will absorb up to 100% of the nutrients after you consume the juice. Juicing is essentially the next best option to intravenously receiving nutrients. This is usually why people tend to have strong reactions to juicing such as upset stomach, diarrhea, bloating, gas, etc. Do not be worried about these! Your body just needs some time to adjust to this new way of extracting nutrients!

Let me tell you more health benefits of juicing:

  1. It is way easier to drink the juice instead of eating all of the vegetables!

  2. Juicing will boost your immune system by supporting your gut bacteria which plays a large role in immune system functioning

  3. Gives you an instant energy boost

  4. Helps make your salivary pH alkaline which means less disease!

  5. Can use it to detoxify

  6. Helps with weight loss

Wow! That sounds amazing! But are there any disadvantages to juicing?

Yes. Let me explain.

  1. Juicing is time consuming. Preparation (washing and cutting) and the actual juicing can take awhile. You will notice you will become time efficient with experience.

  2. Cleaning up can be difficult. This depends on your juicer! My juice (Omega 800 series) takes me 2 minutes to clean.

  3. Juices need to be refrigerated if they are not consumed immediately. The n