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The Detox Project - Water and Heavy Metals

Below you will find a list of all resources mentioned in our Detox Project - Water and Heavy Metals Webinar. If you haven't had the opportunity to watch it, you may view it here.

Throughout the webinar Dr. Phil and Dr. Amar cited different websites, videos and articles. All can be found by clicking on the following links.

We showed a variety of graphs taken from the 2017 Oshawa Annual Report of Drinking Water. We spoke of the heavy metal and bacterial toxicity and how even more chemicals are added to remove this bacteria and metal from your ddrinking water. The report in its entirety can be found here.

Some alternatives to tap water include the following:

Under the counter reverse osmosis: This one is used by Diane, our office manager. It can be installed on your own (if you are handy). She likes the fact that she also got her refrigerator ice cube maker hooked up to it as well and the 'tap' was of good quality. The price is also very good and the replacement filters are reasonably priced as well. Approximately $230

Dr. Phil prefers natural spring water and the water he gets at Chalk Lake (Lakeridge Road North of 9th Concession (near Dagmar Ski Resort). He also has a system from Still Water Treatment Systems (see next paragraph).

If you are interested in determining which filtration system will best meet your needs, Still Water Treatment Systems in Oshawa will give you a free water analysis and in-home consultation. They also provide customers with premium bottled water, including Reverse Osmosis refills. They are located at 133 Taunton Rd W in Oshawa.

Dr. Phil mentioned that fish in Lake Ontario are actually turning from male to female. You can watch the shocking video on it here. Just think... if the medications that are thrown down the drain and into our lakes are turning fish from male to female, what is is doing in your drinking water?

The link to the video that Dr. Amar mentioned on how to minimize mercury exposure at the dentist's office can be found here.

Other great articles on the subject can be found here.

Another great site with great information on the subject can be found here.

Radon Gas - Dr. Phil eluded to the face that radon gas is the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer. Information on how you can test for it in your home can be found here.

For those 'techies' out there, here is an amazing gadget that can read your radon levels right on your smart phone!! Smart Radon Detector

Mold - The following are excellent resources for testing mold within your home:

ESG (Environmental Services Group) offer mold testing and removal. is another company that offer the same services.

You would be looking to pay anywhere from $450-$650 depending on the type of service/reports.

Dr. Axe has some beneficial information on black mold symptoms and natural remedies here. provides certified mold investigation that confirms or denies the presence of toxic mold in the air or on surfaces, and identifies it by type and concentration.

Be aware of falst positives in all testing.

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