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Spring Forward Tips

Does Daylight Saving Leave you tired?

GO 7 FOR 7: Use these 7 Steps and aim for 7 or more hours of quality sleep per night!

  1. Ease into the time change by going to bed 15 minutes earlier for several days before the transition. If you haven’t eased into the time change this way (like me), try the next 6.

  2. Do Lymph drainage Lymphatic Drainage and Lymphatic Drainage 2.

  3. Diaphragmatic breathing in or before bed.  Follow instructions in our  Breathing Away Stress article.

  4. No TV, computer or phone time 1 hr before bed

  5. Make it dark- No sleep mask? Use a hand towel for a make-shift eye cover

  6. Consider a natural sleep supplement, which helps calm you and promotes a state of relaxation like Pure Tranquility liquid and Douglas Labs Melatonin P.R. Both are 10% off at our office during the month of March.  Pure Tranquility reg. $48 and DL Melatonin reg. $25.

  7. Check your sleep posture- Is your sleep posture keeping you awake? 

Thanks for choosing Welcome to Wellness for your healthcare needs!

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