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Natural Ways to Keep Your Immune System Boosted!

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

by Dr. Phil Smith

No matter what type of bug: virus, bacteria, parasite, etc. -- these tips will increase your Immune System's ability to fight any germ.

There are natural ways to prevent and treat a summer cold or any viral infection. I’ve got over a dozen natural treatments for you.

  • Limit your sun/heat stress.

  • Too much sun and heat will lower your immune system response. Two common problems can then occur: the summer cold and cold sores. Welcome to Wellness recommends getting your Vitamin D with sun exposure with no suntan lotion for 15-45 mins/day depending upon the UV index and how dark your skin is. Sun tan lotion can also cause skin cancer, so take it easy on those. The Smith family uses coconut oil mixed with aloe and tea tree oil for pre and post sun exposure then covering skin with clothing, hats and umbrellas.

  • Use soap and water to wash your hands.

  • Antibacterial soaps are not as good because they kill off your “friendly” bacteria that are on your skin. This friendly bacteria helps keep the pathogenic or “unfriendly” bacteria from infecting you.

  • Use hand sanitizer.

  • Only when you can’t wash your hands because the chemicals kill off your friendly bacteria and you are more likely to get dry skin which could allow invaders (virus/ bacteria) directly into your body through the cracks in your skin.

  • Use more moisturizer to make up for the extra hand washing and sanitizer lotion.

  • Avoid sweets -- Viruses and bacteria love sugar – don’t feed them. Use stevia and xylitol instead.

  • Use warm water with sea salt to gargle and to rinse your nostrils.

Did you know that “table” salt has liquid invert sugar in it? My personal favourite is the Neti-Pot. You can get it at health food stores, most department stores and drug stores. My children do not like the Neti-Pot so I have them use “Hydrasense.” It mists salt water up into the nostrils and is gentle for kids. The porcelain neti-pot is great for