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Meal Planning 101

The main reason most people do not eat properly is lack of planning.   At some point or another we have all gotten home after a long day of work, hungrily looked in the fridge and found there is nothing to eat!  Of course ordering out or throwing some pre-made frozen preservative filled meal in the oven seems like the best choice at the time, however, we all know that is not the best option.  

Getting organized and pre-planning your meals will actually save you money, time and you'll feel much healthier for it. 

Sitting down once a week and making a plan using a weekly planner such as this can alleviate a lot of stress.  You will be able to shop for the week and not have to think about that dreaded question - What's for dinner??

When  you pre-plan your meals you will have less trips to the grocery store which will give you more time so you don't miss your Chiropractic appointment

Be sure to plan meals that provide you and your family with nutrition possible. If you are unsure where to start, you can refer to our Align Your Health book available at our office.  It includes meal plans along with recipes!  Remember food can be tasty AND healthy!

While you're working on your meal plans, you may as well set your exercise goals for the week! Whether you want a simple planner or a more detailed one, there are tonnes of templates you can google for this.

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