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Lifestyle Medicine

Updated: Jan 28, 2019

by Dr. Phil Smith

Over the past few years we have helped over 400 patients either decrease or no longer require some or all of their medications for chronic diseases. This is done through an individual assessment with a prescription for exercise, eating habits and supplementation, stress management, smoking sessation (when required) and manual therapy. Your medical doctor and pharmacist need to be consulted for possible medication changes. We provide you with a plan of action and counsel and monitor you throughout program. We incorporate the 5 Fundamentals of Health in your plan of action, including mindset (stress management), proper nerve flow (chiropractic adjustments/manual therapy), nutrition, exercise and minimizing toxins.

Each person dedicated to making changes is equipped with a letter to give to their medical doctor outlining our Lifestyle Medicine Program.


- List of medications you are taking

- How long you have been taking them

- Your MD's name and contact info

Here is a list of National Health Organizations that recommend the Lifestyle Program and the conditions it help with. Find out if you are a candidate for eliminating or decreasing medications for chronic diseases by scheduling an appointment with our Wellness Doctors.

Read more about Lifestyle Medicine here and a brief review of its dramatic impact on health and survival here.

National Health Organizations recommended

Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC)

as a “first line” treatment

National Health Orgs.

National Institutes of Health

Am. Heart, Blood & Lung Institute

Am. Diabetes Association

Am. Heart Association

Am. Association Clinical Endocrinologists

Arthritis Foundation

North American Menopause Society

Many others


High Cholesterol

High Blood Pressure

High Blood Sugar and/or Diabetes

Heart Disease



Metabolic Syndrome

Menopausal Symptoms

Many others

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