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Dr. Phil's Five Fundamentals Go-To Resources for Depression and/ or Anxiety

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

1. Address the psychological causes of this stress/anxiety/depression with a qualified mental health professional- it all starts with mindset. Please see below information from Dr. Breggin a psychiatrist who warns about the dangers of drugs for depression.

2. Keep your corrective care both the home care and adjustments going- Please let me know if you are interested to look at the research on how your brain controls every cell in your body and how adjustments improve brain function.

3. The Advanced Nutrition Plan from the Maximized Living Plans book.

Example: Nuts- such as walnuts- a handful of nuts some experts say is as good as antidepressants. See nutritional supplementation protocols below.

4. Exercise- shown to be as good as anti-depressants with only beneficial side effects! Walking in nature (around trees and grass) has been shown very beneficial.

5. Detoxify when you feel well enough and are stable on the other 4 Health Essentials- toxins cause physical and emotional health issues.

6. Believe in your innate intelligence, your God-given ability to heal! Make a list of everything you are thankful/grateful for. Create and say your positive affirmations at the beginning and end of every day. Say them the way you want to be 3,6,12 months down the road- bring me your list.

Note 1. Typically depression is treated with antidepressant drugs by medical doctors including psychiatrists. I am glad that you wish to find and address the cause of this issue. I know that you are not on any medications- my goal is to help you naturally without the need for medications. The following links are in relation to a psychiatrist who has researched the safety of psychiatric medication. He states that they are toxins and do not address the cause:

We have Dr. Breggin's book "Psychiatric Drug Withdrawal" to sign out at the office. If you are interested to read this book, pls ask a WtW team member to put you on the waiting list (it is a popular book!).

Note 2: Supplements that have been around for a while and shown benefit for stress, anxiety, depression and overall health promotion:

A) Niacin. I have previously taken the Niacin with my multivitamin and mineral supplement. If your multi is not the Maximized Living brand, I would add a B-complex. The B-vitamins are synergistic and too much of one without the other b-vitamins is not effective. I take them all with my meals. See the webpages below for help. Many "experts" recommend increasing the dose gradually because of the "flush" and optimal dosage can vary greatly from one person to another. Niacin- a B-vitamin is good for so many things like regulating blood sugar, regulating cholesterol and helping your nervous system. We can order you in a specific formulation in the future but for now go to a health food store and start with 25 mg three times/day. See the protocols found in the second link.

B) Tumeric/Curcumin. I use this as a daily health promotion supplement. It is also shown to be beneficial in dopamine modulation. I take this at the beginning of a meal or on an empty stomach if I am in pain. Curcumin is also very helpful for so many health conditions- it also has powerful immune system nutrients to help fight cancer and heart disease. BTW- the turmeric/curcumin will also help your liver to detoxify medications and niacin. Your MD can run liver tests to confirm this. I would recommend slowly increasing the dose to a maximum of 8g/day. Just like Niacin, I would recommend taking it three times/day. I would start at 400mg/ with any oil- at least a tablespoon- Olive oil, avaccado, grapeseed, coconut (my favourite). Take on an empty stomach for best results. Simply eat food if you get any digestive irritation. Some research shows it can take 8 weeks to see significant change. Unlike the drugs- the only known side effects for curcumin are digestive discomfort and the list of positives like killing cancer stem cells and reversing heart disease- not a bad side effect!

For more nutritional support see:

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