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Dr. Phil's Five Fundamentals Go-To Resources for Depression and/ or Anxiety

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

1. Address the psychological causes of this stress/anxiety/depression with a qualified mental health professional- it all starts with mindset. Please see below information from Dr. Breggin a psychiatrist who warns about the dangers of drugs for depression.

2. Keep your corrective care both the home care and adjustments going-

https://www.santechiropractic.com/help-anxiety-depression/ Please let me know if you are interested to look at the research on how your brain controls every cell in your body and how adjustments improve brain function.

3. The Advanced Nutrition Plan from the Maximized Living Plans book.

Example: Nuts- such as walnuts- a handful of nuts some experts say is as good as antidepressants. See nutritional supplementation protocols below.

4. Exercise- shown to be as good as anti-depressants with only beneficial side effects! Walking in nature (around trees and grass) has been shown very beneficial.

5. Detoxify when you feel well enough and are stable on the other 4 Health Essentials- toxins cause physical and emotional health issues.

6. Believe in your innate intelligence, your God-given ability to heal! Make a list of everything you are thankful/grateful for. Create and say your positive affirmations at the beginning and end of every day. Say them the way you want to be 3,6,12 months down the road- bring me your list.