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Updated: Jun 19, 2019

We believe that you truly understand that you have the power within you to create the life of your choice! This is the reason why we have entire families coming to WTW! Parents know how important it is to have their newborns checked for nerve interference so they are functioning at their best on day one! Recently we have had many mothers ask how they can keep their newborns and children “safe”.. As we know, children are the most susceptible to toxins as they have underdeveloped immune systems. This is why we have to ensure we are doing everything we can do keep them healthy. Let us discuss how fundamentals 2 and 3 are vital to the health of newborns, infants, kids, and everyone else!


The truth is that we all originate from two cells (one from each parent) into 70 trillion living cell organisms. The same intelligence that created us is the amazing intelligence that has the capacity to heal us, regardless of what we are dealing with.

Only your body can make NEW CELLS. You can only replace old or damaged cells properly when you have NO INTERFERENCE with your body’s ability to be healthy.   How much interference you have will determine how you function and your health status.   Your present and future health is in the hands of your brain’s ability to control how many new cells and how well you make them.This starts while the fetus is developing.

The ability of your brain to control every cell in your body.  SUBLUXATION is the name we give to Nervous System (Brian-Body) Interference.   A subluxation occurs when your spinal bones or vertebrae are not in the proper position or do not move properly.  This is the most dangerous of all the INTERFERENCES to your health because it impairs the ability of your brain to control your body’s cells, tissues and organs.  Not only how they work in the present moment but also as interference to your body’s ability to make new cells.

So how does this apply to your newborn or your children? Think about fetal development! The limited amount of space for the developing fetus to grow within results in tremendous amounts of stress on the spine, especially in the upper cervical (neck) area. This causes interference! We refer to this neck area as the gateway between the brain and the body. If you leave this interference there, the baby is not functioning and healing at 100%. As the baby develops, it has less space to grow which adds to the stress that is already present. This results in more interference over time.

What happens during delivery? Whether a baby is born vaginally or through cesarean section, there are large amounts of stressed placed on the baby’s spine. As the baby is descending through the vaginal canal, it is required to rotate and slide through one shoulder at a time. At times, the clavicle (collar bone) can fracture or babies will come out with an odd shaped head or head tilt. Again, this adds to the interference. In some cases, forceps or vacuum extraction is required along with the strong force that the gynecologists use to deliver the baby. Why else do you think there is a curtain to “hide” this?!

Some people make the mistake of assuming that Cesarean sections are less traumatic for the baby. It is definitely not as simple as just “pulling” the baby out. Again, a lot of force is required to deliver the baby, if not the same as vaginal delivery. This results in interference.

The bottom line is regardless of how your baby is delivered, interference is virtually inevitable! In fact, there is a German physician that says upto 80% of babies are subluxated at birth (REFERENCE). This is why Moms at WTW understand how important it is to get their babies assessed for any interference. The reason we want to detect these interferences is so that we can reduce them! In our opinion, this is the most important aspect of health.

Here is a animated video on childbirth which shows how traumatic it is for the baby:

Refer to the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association’s website for more information:

What can be done about the interference? When we turn your power on by adjusting you- YOUR INTERFERENCE- is reduced (the goal of corrective care is to maximize your Nerve Flow) and every cell on the other side of the nerve and spinal cord can function at a higher level and healthy cells will replace old and damaged cells. This means happy baby! This is the reason why parents get their babies checked before they become symptomatic This is also why people seek Chiropractic therapy for babies who are fussy, colicky, have problems with digestion, etc. The list goes on! In our opinion, anyone that is breathing and has a nervous system needs to have their nervous system assessed.

Do not worry, MOMS! We did not forget about you. We know that as you carry your little loved one inside of you for 9 months, your spinal positioning changes. The centre of gravity shifts so that your lower back curve is accentuated and your head tends to go forward. So what? This means interference! We know that if you are pregnant and you have interference, you may or may not be symptomatic (low back pain is common) but you are definitely not functioning at 100%! If you want to be functioning as close as possible to 100%, get this interference checked by a Chiropractor. After all, you cannot be the amazing mother you are meant to be, unless you take care of yourself 

Exactly how does a Chiropractor help with interference? This is simple. First the source of interference is found. After that, the interference is removed so you are functioning at a higher level! This is what the adjustment is doing – minimizing the interference. Chiropractic techniques are safe and gentle for newborns, kids, and parents. If this is a concern for you, please talk to us!


What is the best source of fuel for your newborn? Breast milk! Not only is breast milk very nutritious, but it contains proteins that build a baby’s immune system. This is why we encourage breastfeeding for as long as possible. This is the most natural way of delivering food to your baby! You can store breast milk in your freezer for up to one year. We have had moms say that they use breast milk for infants and kids whenever they are sick, as this will boost their immune systems.

We know that breastfeeding is not always an option for mothers. If you look at the ingredient list for generic baby formula, you will see that it contains many toxic ingredients. The labeling of these products is misleading as some of them are sometimes labeled as “natural” or “organic”. Because there are no labeling regulations, only a minimum of one ingredient has to be natural or organic for the entire formula to be labeled as either “natural” or “organic”. We know this is very upsetting for you moms, which is why there are actually black markets for breast milk. If this is not an option, we recommend that you purchase Hipp organic formula. This can be purchased through Amazon, for different ages.

Your new cells can be made with ingredients from good clean (organic) food filled with vitamins, minerals, healthy fats and proteins or they can be made from cells made with synthetic, processed non- nutrient and high calorie foods.  You get to choose.  You have to be able to read labels and have the knowledge of the clean 15 and the dirty dozen.  Confused- ask your WtW team for help.  Bad foods interfere with your ability to make healthy cells.

As promised, here is the dirty dozen list (except we added some):

These are the foods you should always buy organic as they contain the highest concentration of pesticides.

  1. Apples

  2. Peaches

  3. Nectarines

  4. Strawberries

  5. Grapes

  6. Celery

  7. Spinach

  8. Sweet bell peppers

  9. Cucumbers

  10. Cherry tomatoes

  11. Snap peas

  12. Potatoes

  13. Hot peppers

  14. Kale/collard greens

Here is additional information on the toxins in Formula:

You don’t have to take giant steps to get the ball rolling in the right direction.  Break your bad habits and take action- this is the only way to make change AND GET RESULTS!  


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