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145+ Powerfully Positive Affirmations for Kids

Updated: Jun 19, 2019

Growing up as a kid can be a tough ride. It comes with a lot of fun, but at the same time, children are also facing many difficulties, troubles, and fears—anxieties that are often difficult to understand for us as parents. Often times, we feel helpless as parents, not knowing what we can do to lighten up the mood of our kids. Positive affirmations can help in such cases. It is the kind of positive programming that aids children with their self-mastery. In the following, you can find a selection of very powerful and positive affirmations, specifically designed for kids.

Before we start, one important question:

Why are positive affirmations so important during childhood?

Research has shown that we all learn our belief systems as little children. It is the very belief system that functions as the foundation of our entire life. This means that adults move through life trying to experience situations that match their beliefs learned from childhood. But it also means that we are often bound to the limiting beliefs learned during childhood. These negative thought patterns can be attributed to childhood conditioning or unconsciously picking up negative beliefs.

For this very reason, it is so important to help your children establish a supportive belief system showing them a positive attitude to life. By doing so we can help our children to internalize good values and positive beliefs, which allows them to develop confidence and a healthy dose of self-esteem.

Positive affirmations for children

You can take some of the following affirmations and write them down on flip cards, along with nice little pictures.

  1. I am loved.

  2. I listen to my heart

  3. I am safe.

  4. I have lots of friends who love me.

  5. My dreams are coming true.

  6. I am helpful.

  7. I am friendly.

  8. Every problem has an answer.

  9. I am kind.

  10. I can do it.

  11. I play well with others.

  12. I’m intelligent.

  13. I learn from my mistakes.

  14. I act responsibly.

  15. I am calm.

  16. I love myself even though I sometimes fail.

  17. Every day brings new opportunities.

  18. I accept and love myself.

  19. I am kind.

  20. I am relaxed.

  21. I have faith in myself.

  22. I am brave.

  23. I have trust in myself.

  24. I am generous.

  25. I am loving.

  26. I meet great decisions.

  27. I am kind to all.

  28. I am protected.

  29. Whatever I do, I give my best.

  30. I am exactly where I need to be.

  31. I trust in my abilities.

  32. I solve problems.

  33. I am unique.

  34. I have lots of energy.

  35. I am peaceful.

  36. I can become whatever I want to be.2

  37. I embrace change.

  38. I make friends easily.

  39. My intuition is a guide showing me the right direction.

  40. I accomplish great results.

  41. I have a beautiful imagination.

  42. I am confident.

  43. I welcome the unfoldment of events.

  44. I am caring.

  45. I find creative solutions to my problems.

  46. I think positive.

  47. I am thankful.

  48. I am courageous.

  49. I am gentle with myself and others.

  50. I am whole.

  51. I enjoy testing new ideas.

  52. I have courage.

  53. I have happy thoughts.

  54. I forgive others for their mistakes.

  55. I reach my goals.

  56. Problems are challenges to better me.

  57. I get better and better every day.

  58. I discover the beauty in everything.

  59. I have positive thoughts.

  60. I am in charge of my life.

  61. All is well.

  62. I enjoy discovering something new.

  63. My family and friends love me for who I am.

  64. I am a good friend to myself.

  65. I enjoy learning.

  66. I have many good friends.

  67. I am very creative.

  68. I believe in my abilities.

  69. I am persistent.

  70. I understand complex problems quickly.

  71. I am forgiving.

  72. I am honest.

  73. I am trustworthy.

  74. I always find ways to overcome challenges

  75. I am compassionate.

  76. I listen to my inner wisdom.

  77. I am open to new and exciting possibilities

  78. I make friends easily3

  79. I am growing up well

  80. I give freely.

  81. I am a good influence on others.

  82. I am carrying.

  83. I draw inspiration from life and my role models.

  84. I am awesome.

  85. I have good friends.

  86. I am a good friend.

  87. I am thoughtful and kind.

  88. I enjoy spending time with myself.

  89. I am strong, inside and out.

  90. I am gentle.

  91. I reach for the stars.

  92. Miracles happen to me.

  93. I am joyful.

  94. I am patient.

  95. I am brave.

  96. I am perfect just the way I am.

  97. I keep my body healthy.

  98. I enjoy healthy food.

  99. I am ready to seize the opportunities of the day.

  100. I am awesome.

  101. I care about others.

  102. I feel joy in every corner of my body.

  103. I work hard.

  104. Life is fun.

  105. I meet the right decisions.

  106. I enjoy being cheerful.

  107. I am important.

  108. I can do anything.

  109. I am peaceful.

  110. I approve of myself.

  111. My heart guides me.

  112. I trust my intuition.

  113. I am thankful for being who I am.

  114. I see the good in myself.

  115. I enjoy being happy.

  116. I take pleasure in my life.

  117. I support others with love and kindness.

  118. I enjoy absorbing knowledge like a sponge.

  119. I am a winner.

  120. I am worthwhile of all the love and happiness in the world.

  121. I am proud myself.

  122. I take care of my responsibilities.

  123. I am beautiful.

  124. I like being challenged.

  125. I am a bright student.

  126. I play an important role in the world.

  127. I like myself.

  128. I am thoughtful.

  129. I trust the wisdom in me.

  130. I replace anger with compassion.

  131. I am optimistic.

  132. I am beautiful.

  133. I am excited of the unknown.

  134. I am full of energy.

  135. I respect other people.

  136. I learn from my mistakes.

  137. I love my family and friends.

  138. I receive all the help that I need.

  139. Everything works out just fine.

  140. Wonderful and awesome things happen to me.

  141. I am kind to others.

  142. I enjoy challenging myself.

  143. I forgive myself for making a mistake.

  144. I believe in myself.

  145. I believe in my dreams.

  146. I have the courage to be myself.

  147. I am okay with who I am.

I hope you enjoyed this selection of the most powerful affirmations for children.

Creating affirmations cards for your children

You can use the above-mentioned affirmations to write them down onto cards with bright colors and fun pictures. I always make sure to add some kind of an inspiring picture, for instance, stars, flowers, trees or animals. You can also use pieces of patterned paper that you stick onto the cards.

Tip: get your kids involved in creating the affirmation cards. They will definitely contribute some fantastic ideas on how you can improve the affirmations and the design of the cards.

You will see how much your kids will love their self-created cards. They will be excited to flip through their stable of cards, reading the affirmations aloud.

How to use affirmation cards?

Here’s how you can use the affirmation cards you created:

  • Picking a card: encourage your child to pick a random affirmation card that is going to be repeated for about 3-4 weeks, until the next card is selected.

  • Repeating the affirmation: let your kid read the affirmation 5-10 times aloud.

  • Making it fun: make sure your kid is in a good mood and reads the affirmation cards in a positive way.

  • The right time: the ideal time to let your child read the affirmations is either in the morning or just before going to sleep. During these times your kids subconscious is more open to the affirmations.

  • A feeling of magic: an excellent way to get your kid motivated to read the positive affirmations is by telling them that the affirmations act like magic words that become true if only repeated often enough.

Following the above-mentioned tips will help you to incite excitement about the affirmations cards in your kids.

What are the positive affirmations you use?

If you’d like to suggest any other affirmations that you found to be beneficial, then please do share your ideas in the comments section below.



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